• Robert Routt

The Blazers and Mavericks traded CJ McCollum and Luka Doncic

Updated: Mar 3

As one of the more stable teams in the NBA this season, the Dallas Mavericks have performed well. Their current standing is fifth in the Western Conference, only two games behind the Utah Jazz for home-court advantage during the first round.

Dallas has relied a lot on its offense in the past, as its defensive rating had declined six consecutive years. However, under Jason Kidd, they have done a 180.

It is their defense that has been winning them games, as they have been within the top-10 of defensive rating virtually all season and even had stretches of the stingiest defense in the NBA. But, their offense has yet to get into gear, and 3-point shooting has been the major culprit.

Throughout the season, their defense has been among the top-10 in defensive ratings, and on occasion, they have had stretches of the league's best defense.

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